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Lizard Squad – What You Need to Know About the New Script Kiddies on the Block

Ah, Lizard Squad. For those unaware, Lizard Squad plunged multitudes of socially-awkward individuals into situations where they were forced to socialize on Christmas Day when Lizard Squad decided to DDoS the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The media has surely capitalized on this, claiming that Lizard Squad is the “next Anonymous” and it’s only a matter of

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Alleged Counterfitting Kingpin “Willy Clock” Arrested

On Thursday, December 18th 2014 U.S. authorities announced the arrest of Ryan Andrew Gustafson, aka Jack Farrel, identified as the counterfeiter known as “Willy Clock” and Texan. A press release from the Justice Department explains what happened: in December, 2013 the Secret Service began investigating the passing of counterfeit bills, believed to be manufactured in Uganda, at Pittsburgh-area retail

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