Lizard Squad – What You Need to Know About the New Script Kiddies on the Block

Ah, Lizard Squad.

For those unaware, Lizard Squad plunged multitudes of socially-awkward individuals into situations where they were forced to socialize on Christmas Day when Lizard Squad decided to DDoS the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The media has surely capitalized on this, claiming that Lizard Squad is the “next Anonymous” and it’s only a matter of time until they’re taking down PayPal and Mastercard like Anonymous did back in 2010. While it may seem impressive to the unweathered, the sad truth is that not much ‘hacking’ was actually involved in this stunt of theirs. Lizard Squad sent a total of 28 terabytes of information (in under a minute) in the form of SSH and MS-SQL requests – SSH is a command-line program that allows administration from afar and MS-SQL is a database system. The only impressive part of their so-called “hack” is sending 28 terabytes in the matter of a minute, although it’s still something that anyone with a PayPal can do.

The most interesting part to me, though, is who exactly is a part of this group of professional script kiddies. Two (supposed) members of this group have given interviews to television stations – “Ryan” and “Vinnie”. Both of these individuals are from the catch-all hacking forum – Hack Forums is the lowest of all low hacking forums on the internet at the moment. Vinnie, formerly Anonymous, has bragged to much extent on the forum about his hacking escapades and was a fairly prominent figure on the forums until he had his reputation reset. Coincidently, a user named Vinnie Omari gave an interview with Sky news, a British news agency. Vinnie Omari’s voice sure sounds a lot like the videos on his YouTube channel, linked to on Hack Forums from Vinnie.

Vinnie Omari’s arrest warrant.

Ryan was confirmed by an unnamed source to be RyanC from Hack Forums an older, veteran member who was recognized for hacking MIT’s website back in 2012. I’ve interacted with RyanC and have to say he’s a fairly knowledgeable individual but is arrogant, nowhere near Vinnie, though. Vinnie was arrested on the 29th of December for suspicion of PayPal fraud, something he’s bragged about to great lengths, and his suspected involvement in the Xbox and PlayStation Network DDoS over the weekend.

Vinnie Omari is on bail and the Lizard Squad’s Twitter account claims to be responsible for providing his bail money. RyanC was arrested while flying to the United States with a very large sum of money, obtained illegally, and is confirmed to now be inside a Finnish jail cell.

Vinnie is currently claiming to be innocent but he was seen posting a thread on Hack Forums asking if it’s in violation of the site’s policies if he attempts to sell vouchers – the item Kim Dotcom gave Lizard Squad in return for them to stop the DDoS on the gaming networks. Some claim that Lizard Squad’s PSN and XBL stunts were all just a publicity stunt in an attempt to promote their newly-released online stresser, a tool purchased that allow customers to launch their own DDoS attacks on targets of their choosing. Oh, and while we’re on the topic of their stresser I should add that it was already dumped – here is a link to all of the users and their user IDs on the website.

I have it on good authority that Vinnie and RyanC aren’t anywhere near high-up in the ranks of Lizard Squad and the truly powerful individuals in the organization don’t have any sort of interaction with Twitter or any social media profiles. Multiple Darkode (an underground and prestigious cybercrime forum) administrators are involved in the attacks and are promoting on their forum.

Oh well. I’m confident that those arrested will start snitching on each other in hopes of cutting a better deal than their “friends”. LulzSec 2.0, here we come!

4 comments on “Lizard Squad – What You Need to Know About the New Script Kiddies on the Block”

  1. Hihkik Reply

    Vinnie has never been a lizard squad nor have he done anything against the law, it is some of his old friends.

    • malware Reply

      That may be a valid hypothesis because, y’know, innocent until proven guilty but his thread on HackForums asking if he’s allowed to sell 1,500 vouchers is fairly suspicious.

  2. IPfreely Reply

    Gonna have to throw this in there… anyone that brags about being apart of anonymous… is no longer anonymous… they ruin the joke that anyone can be anonymous the second they claim any attacks…

  3. Maksimov Reply

    What’s unclear is if the people behind Lizard Squad at the turn of 2015 were the same as those using the name in the summer – the Twitter feed at least seems to have changed in terms of tone and cadence, although there’s no way to confirm either way.

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