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It’s been a year since there’s been any activity on this blog.

Okay, fine. It’s been over a year and a half since there’s been any activity on this blog. When I made the blog, I remember I said that I’d be putting out articles weekly. Oh how young and naive I was back then. I was working on a post called How To Get Banned From Warframe: A Lesson in API Reverse Engineering where I was going to document how to get any Warframe account deleted by just clicking a link, but they deleted my forum account where I had the conversations with the developers stored. That kind of killed the proof that I would need to back up my story, and not much else has been really worth a blog entry. The Shadow Group was a pretty big event, but that’s already been speculated enough. I’ve been working my way through Practical Malware Analysis and have really enjoyed learning more about reverse engineering, so maybe there will be some future posts on that.

I’ve been keeping busy this summer while working on some other projects. I recently just finished up a HTML5 vibrator after hearing that an API exists.

The link to it is www.malware.cat/goodvibesonly and the source is available here.

~ vibe on ~

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