Welcome to Malware.cat!

Welcome, everyone, to malware.cat, stylized as malware [dot] cat. Here’s to new beginnings and happy holidays!

If you’re seeing this post, it means that you’re looking at the first post that I’ve ever posted on this blog – well, sort of. This post isn’t going to be too on-topic, it will be a rather introductory post.

I’m currently a 16 year old highschool student who is cyberschooled and has an uncanny interest for all things cybersecurity. I’m the team captain for my school’s CyberPatriot team, Vice President and Lead Programmer for a certain FIRST Robotics Competition team, the youngest certified coach in Special Olympics, a pianist who has played since he was eight, a student and fan of the Chinese language, a programmer who dabbles in almost all web and application languages known to man, a journalist, a teacher, an entrepreneur who started his first gaming company at 12, and much, much more. I like to think I’m the same as any other teenager but, well, my lack of general teenager-ism indicates otherwise. I maxed out my local and national school’s technology courses by the time I completed 9th grade. When I’m not involved in my slew of extracurricular activities, I spend the majority of my time messing around with all things cybersecurity and staying up-to-date on the latest information. /r/netsec is my second-most commonly browsed page – my school website being the #1 (where I do my school at) and my business’s forums being #3.

I started off writing articles for cybersecurity in my school’s national newspaper after being asked to write on cybersecurity or technology. I wrote in their national newspaper for a year and then it was shut down due to the director changing jobs within the company. A new newsletter was then proposed and created by the new director but there were multiple issues with it and it was obvious that the standards were lower than before and what I was comfortable with. Since it was a school and was censored, I was unable to talk about the deeper and darker aspects of cybersecurity in-depth. It was then suggested by individuals I respect that I start my own blog where I post my own articles, on my own time, with my own limitations and statutes.

I’m starting this blog to help inform both those new to cybersecurity and those who have been in the field for many years about underground stories and topics while not simply recounting the story-of-the-day, as there are already a plethora of sites that do this. Reverse engineering malware is a large topic of interest to me so expect a lot about exploit kits, botnets, and 0-days. I’m planning on publishing articles whenever I feel like it, so don’t expect weekly articles or anything like that.

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